About the talk

Join Niall Mc Evoy, from Pritchard & Pritchard, for an exclusive talk on living walls and get ideas of how to make your environment greener, reduce pollution and carbon emissions.

Learn about the benefits of green infrastructure, including air quality, biophilia and biodiversity. Within those topics Niall will explain about the various gases present in the air, talk about particulate matter and how different barriers can work. For example, a roadside rain garden, living walls and how beneficial foliage is.

The Biophilia section explains why we are naturally attracted to areas of biophilic design and what that can mean for a return on investment.

The Biodiversity part of the talk shows the decline in bird, bugs, bees, etc. Niall will speak about pollinating living walls and wildflower walls, discuss the issues with introducing too many bees to the built environment and show what a proper insect habitat should look like.

On the topic of living walls Niall will not be promoting any particular system and show the structural loadings and thermal properties of a living wall. He will show how a stainless steel wire trellis can be installed too.

His talk will explain the different types of roofs, like green and blue roofs, and what can be achieved with them.

In closing, he will show irrigation systems and interior grow lights.

How to watch

You can join Niall live on my social media channels and right here by using the YouTube player at the top of this page.