Join Gavin Anderson and Axel Segebrecht for a discussion of the ‘climate shaped hole’ at the heart of this years’ Spring Budget in the UK.

  • What would you have hoped to hear the finance minister Rishi Sunak announce last week?
  • Do you think the support for sustainable energy and charge charging points goes far enough?

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Here are some of the key points from the spring statement made on the budget by Mr Sunak:

  • The government will cut to zero a 5% VAT rate for households installing solar panels, heat pumps or insulation.
  • Mr Sunak announced that fuel duty will be cut by 5p from 57.95p per litre following the surge in petrol prices with the reduction lasting for 12 months.
  • The OBR on Wednesday forecast that energy bills will rise by 40% again in October if wholesale gas prices remain at the same level they are now

You can find a more detailed summary here: (no affiliation)